Eric Thomas
is the President & Co-Founder of Rival Digital

Eric Thomas

About Eric

Eric Thomas is a marketer and entrepreneur based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. After working in corporate America for roughly 4 years, Eric decided to take the skills he learned in digital marketing and web development to help launch Rival Digital – a digital marketing agency for HVAC contractors. 

Eric is the host of the Smart HVAC Marketing podcast, a podcast for HVAC contractors who are ready to quit screwing around and begin growing their business; which streams on all major platforms & YouTube.

Eric is passionate about pushing the envelope and utilizing data to make smart, strategic decisions to help his clients grow their business. In a saturated world of marketing, his approach goes against the grain. 

Outside of his professional life, Eric enjoys woodworking, surfing, and going on hikes with his wife & dog.

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"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten." -Tony Robbins

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